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Tips Used In Detecting Mold at Home. Mold is one of the members of group of animals known as fungi. It is very tiny and majorly grows on rotten food substances. It produces by tiny holes found on the surface called spores. When they reproduce the spores grows on the surfaces of objects not only rotten foods. They habitat is most likely to be wet or damp areas. Places like kitchen, bathrooms, and basement and in places where they might be any water leakage are some of the places that you are likely to find them at home. Their rate of reproduction is very high. Let us look at some of the tips we can use in identifying molds. You should do a thorough inspection and check in your basement. You may not know that the molds are multiplying in the cellar the basement may serve as their breeding ground . Out of you knowledge Since the basement is not visited regularly the mold might be growing there, and you do not know. The basement should be thoroughly checked if there may be some water leaks that may be giving molds conducive environment for breeding. This practice should be done regularly to ensure that there is no mold that is growing there out your knowledge. This will also enable you to spot mold and find the necessary solution before it becomes more dangerous.
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To find mold you should check for mold. To identify mold you should look for patches on the walls, grouting tiles or on clothes. Molds always appear on patches. The patches can either be white, green, grey or black. The patches are clear signs of then presence of mold. To eliminate molds you should carry out regular checks on mold especially the areas that are wet and take necessary steps before they multiply.
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Mold also has some unique musty smell which can be easily detected. Being that it feeds on the surface on which it is increasing in this what gives it that musty smell. You may not be able to see the mold with your eyes, but you can feel its smell. Your regular checks will enable you to feel the smell of mold. From there you will be able to do thorough check on possible places where mold can be found. Detection of mold will be very easy when you are doing regular checks. There are some categories of molds like dark mold cannot be easily detected. Being that you cannot see them with your eyes you can easily detect their presence by the use of signs and symptoms. This are the most hazardous types of mold. One of the ways of detecting dark mold is by the use of professional mold detectors which have the necessary gadgets for inspection. You can also use mold detection kits in identification kits. Apart from identifying mold they also recognize their power. Apart from detecting mold they also recognize the quality of air around your house.