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The Process of Forex Trade Management In the trading environment, the system of maximizing the potential profit and minimizing profit loss by a trader is referred to as trade management. Here are valuable suggestions that can help in applying trade management principles in a trading activity situation. It is very important that as a trader, when you are experiencing succeeding losses during the trading activity, you manage these losses by placing a stop-loss order, because if you do not do this, chances are that your account may be wiped out from the succeeding losses. Managing a stop-loss order is applying when to place a stop-loss, which refers the closing of a trader’s position as a result of the losses incurred during trading and this application is needed in order to prevent the trader’s account from being wiped out at a time when his trading is experiencing a low level of amount of losses. Adjust your pips placement when you place a stop-loss order, such that place the stop-loss order at 2-6 pips below the most recent low, if you’re doing a long position, but if you’re doing a short position, place your stop-loss order at 2-6 pips with the addition of spread above the most recent high. The smallest amount by which a currency quote can change that is $0.0001 for US dollar related currency pairs is called a pip. Without the stop-loss order, a trader can face a big risk of profit losses, since this stop-loss mechanism was purposely designed to protect traders from losses due to the inherent volatility of Forex trade. Trading can be unpredictable and needs quick action, for instance, there are situations during trading that after a series of small variations in prices, the trade begins to move in your favor, which is giving you the winning position, when suddenly the price reverted back to its old price before you can react to secure your profits, in which case, this is a classic example of a winning position that resulted into a loss. To prevent this, adjust your stop-loss order when the price goes in your favor, before the price can revert back and result to a loss for you.
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In a Forex trade, a trader must learn the kinds of price movements, they are: the up movement or uptrend, the down movement or downtrend, and the range movement, where the price moves up or down within a specific range. These movements help dictate a trader’s decision as to when to place a stop-loss order when prices are going up in his favor. When you are seeing a downtrend movement and the price continues to go down not in your favor, wait for a while for the price to revert back or retrace itself, but if it continues to go down, adjust by putting a stop-loss order; in this way, the stop-loss mechanism enables you to accumulate profit while preventing loss.Getting Creative With Markets Advice