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Why is Dog Still the Best Pet Friend for Humans Why are people fond of dog pets? If you observe your neighborhood, you will probably notice that almost all houses have dogs regardless of the size, breed, and number. If you are going to assess what you have observed, you can conclude that dogs are really man’s best friend, But what are the reasons why dogs are present anywhere? Dogs will always be associated with the term, “man’s best friend” if you are going to define the word.Most of us refer dogs to be the only man’s best friend for pets wherever you are. Well, dogs are really lovable pets that you even treat them as your children. If you ask your kids about pets, they will mostly answer dogs. Dogs have the abilities to make your day from grey into rainbow colors. In fact, even if you are still few meters away from your home, your dog can already smell you and he will bark. That only signals that your dog knows you are approaching. The moment you enter the door, your dogs usually become hype and just jump around and plays with you. With these, you can say that dogs are really your best friends. If you are sad, you can rely on them to make you smile again. Cuddling and playing with them will divert your attention and will just make your mood lighter.
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But dogs are not just limited to cuddling and cutie stuffs. Your dog is actually the one who can protect you also. Although there are small dogs, they are still tough dogs that will protect you from threat. If a stranger is present in the vicinity and possesses threat factor, dogs will not stop barking and might even approach the person immediately. They are actually protectors so you feel safer when you have them. They guard your house from any forced entries, too. The dogs are very alert creatures and even if they are sleeping, they will wake up if they feel threat is present. So it is not a shocking fact if most homes want to have dogs.
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There are also certain dog breeds that are subject for training to become police or security dogs. They are trained to ensure that no threat is present in the area such as bombs or they can even smell illegal materials. They put their lives to risk just to protect everyone. In fact, they will chase bad guys, too. Even their resting time is sacrificed and they will mostly be in alert status at all times. But for an ordinary person, you can never teach your dog to become a police dog because it is very difficult. Dogs are very special animals. We need to give them the love they need, too. So if you are planning to have your own dog at home, make sure you take good care of them.