The Art of the Abercrombie Smell: How Abercrombie % Fitch Turned an Apparent Gimmick Into a Business Model

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The abercrombie smell is weirdly iconic, but it wasn’t always this way. The famous smell is a soothing lavender smell that is both universally adored and ubiquitous. The smell has become iconic for all the right reasons, and it has ushered in a wave of companies deploying smell to boost sales.

The Use of Smell Historically

Smell is perhaps the most underutilized scent in marketing. Only in the recent past has smell been used in marketing for companies not obviously reliant on a scent. For a company to use scent in marketing, they would probably be selling deodorant, perfume, soap, or potpourri.

There was really no obvious reason to use smell as a marketing design, and the majority of companies either used it subtly (make this place not smell like mop water) or not at all. The smell was a side result of a clean business and not the main arc of any kind of marketing effort.

Scent as a Major Branch of Marketing

The development of the aromatech brand put scent on the map as a major method for marketing. But, it wasn’t considered a major component of any big branding strategy until Abercrombie & Fitch deployed it in all the stores. Abercrombie & Fitch is now a clothing company, with various other branches, such as Hollister. The stores smell bold and riveting, and it has become a staple of their branding.

The certain scent concoction is now the Abercrombie smell, and it is has become a powerful branch of their campaign. People come and visit for the smell. It isn’t just a smell, of course. It is a soft scent that has proven to boost sales in the store. It smells elite, sophisticated, and satisfying. It smells more than just good. It smells like how people want to feel.

All of these things can be achieved by a scent, and more and more businesses are realizing that smell can be more than “does it smell good or bad?” Furthermore, companies are asking “what smell can boost sales?” The use of scent is a fascinating development in marketing, and only a few businesses are even realizing its potential prowess in obtaining sales.