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What You Should Consider When Choosing Motor Oil Many people wonder what they should look for when evaluating motor oil. According to expert mechanics, quality is one of the most important things to consider when evaluating various types of oils. For example, you can check the oil container for various symbols that can help you know the kind of tests that have been done to ascertain the quality of the product. Apart from check the container symbols, there are other ways in which you can determine the quality of the motor oil you want. For instance, there are specific signs you can check to determine whether the oil has undergone engine and laboratory tests as recommended by the national oil institutes. Viscosity is another factor that should be considered before deciding whether or not to purchase a specific type of motor oil. Viscosity refers to the thickness of the oil. The thickness of the oil should be suitable for the temperatures that your car usually operates in. You can know your car engine temperature by referring to the vehicle manual. Meaning of Motor Oil Label Symbols Regardless of the type of motor oil you wish to buy, its container is bound to have some labels. To know the suitability of a specific type of oil for your car engine, you should understand what the labels means. Most oil containers will have the donut symbol. This symbol can help you know whether the oil meets various laboratory and engine service ratings. Apart from this, the symbol can tell you of the oil’s viscosity as well as whether it has passed the recommended energy conservation tests. The starburst symbol is also common on motor oil containers. Motor oils that have been taken through various lab and engine tests are stored in containers with this symbol.
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It is common knowledge that engines are powered by the motor oils. However, while this is what most people believe, it is not entirely true. There is no doubt that oil plays an important role in the engine. When there is no oil, the engine is not likely to last for a long time. To ensure the engine performs optimally, it is crucial to fill it with the best quality oil. However, we also do not want to pay a fortune for the oil. This being the case, you may thing of customizing the oil you have by blending it with other oils to give it the characteristics you would like. However, it is not really easy to mix oil to make it ideal to your requirements. Most of the time, we have to settle for oils that are already in the market.
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You should do your research well to find the right motor oil for your car engine.