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How to Develop Your Own Website from Scratch

Building your own website appears challenging if you don’t have the right skills.While it may true that for complex sites you need professional help, you can comfortably design the basic website all by yourself.Website development follows the steps listed below.

Web Hosting
Hosting your website is important if you want people to be able to access it.Hosting is done on a web server, where you place all your site resources for access through the internet.There are two options for web hosting.The first option is the free one which is normally limited in its capabilities.It’s however recommended for start-up sites, since you can test the website before you decide to pay.The other option to go for is the paid one, which is advisable for complex professional websites.

Registering Your Domain Name
Your website is normally found by people typing a domain name in the search engines.It is recommended that you go for a domain name that people can remember easily.Domain names are normally bought and registered online, and it may be convenient for you if your hosting company provides you with this as well.The cost of doing this is between $8 and $35 per year.
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Designing and Building
The design and appearance of your site will depend on its use.Information sites, personal and company websites all have different designs.Optimizing navigation is also done during design.Visitors are able to easily navigate through a well-designed website.You will have to learn the basics of website design that include hypertext markup language, cascading style sheets, and web page editing.Even though many platforms are willing to do HTML codes for you, you need to learn the basics so that you have control and flexibility of your site.
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Publish Your Site
Publishing is the process of getting the created web pages to your host.There are tools accompanying your hosting service to enable you do that.Most hosting sites usually have a standard file transfer protocol to facilitate this.You will need to market your website after publishing it.Marketing is done through search engine optimization.SEO will allow your website to be located by people looking for the information or services that you provide.To ensure that you get as many visitors as possible, you should ensure that you make it attractive to search engines, as well as observing the SEO best practices.

Maintain Your site
Regular maintenance will ensure that your site keeps working as intended.Testing during and after design and constant update with new content will achieve this. The relevance of the site to its users will thus be ensured.

These simple steps will enable you to get your own website up and running in no time at all.